Letters are Out!

Letters are out!  As many of your know by now, we mailed letters on Friday, March 26, and Monday, March 29.  After months of intense reading by admission officers and weeks of review and discussion, we are all glad to be done with the selection process.  As many of my colleagues have shared, it’s always a privilege to be given a snapshot into the lives and minds of so many bright, interesting people.

The admission and financial aid spent a week getting ready for the mail to get out.  It was a week of printing letters, signing (all hand signed by Kevin Dyerly and me), then stuffing.  On Friday afternoon, a few of us helped deliver the boxes of mail to our on-campus mail center to be stamped and sealed.  A few folks then helped take them to the Walla Walla post office.  We know that so many students were anxiously waiting, so we wanted to get those letters out.
Regardless of the outcome of decisions, our staff appreciates the effort that students took to complete their application and to share with us their stories.  It truly was an honor to get to know so many interesting students.  Best wishes to all.

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