Attending a Spring College Fair?

Do take a lap around the entire fair to simply see what colleges and universities are represented.

Do walk up to a table, flip through the materials a bit and take one without asking a question.  If you don’t have any questions, but would like to look through our publications on your own that is perfectly fine.

Don’t feel obligated to ask a question.  Only ask a question if you genuinely want to learn something about our college or university.

Don’t swipe pens from as many tables as you can.  If you need or want a pen just ask.

Do ask questions yourself instead of having your parents ask for you.  If your parents have their own questions, they’re welcome to speak with us, but we’d always prefer to speak with the student directly.

Do present the best version of yourself at the college fair.  You don’t need to dress formally but we want to remember your questions not your inappropriate clothing or actions.

Do bring sticker labels with your full name, address, phone number, email address and high school printed on them.  This will save your hand from filling out dozens of inquiry cards.

Don’t spend more then five minutes at a table.  Admission officers will talk to as many as 200 students at a college fair and we can not spend thirty minutes with each one.  If you have additional questions ask the admission officer for their business card and email or call with your questions.

Do ask about the opportunity to interview with an admission person if you plan to apply to that college or university.

Do keep an open mind, your future college could be right under your nose!


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