You’re Invited!

Hear-ye, hear-ye!  Admitted students of the Whitman College Class of 2014, you’re invited to attend Admitted Students’ Day on Saturday, 17 April 2010.  Registration gets started at 7:45, with the program starting at 8:15.  Admitted Students will be able to take a campus tour, attend a sample class, and learn about student life and co-curricular opportunities at Whitman.

Sample classes include:

“How Green was my Mutant”
“To Infinity! And…Beyond?”
“Our Violent Past: reconstructing Earth’s earliest history”
“Market Power”

I hope to see you all out here in Walla Walla.  The weather is looking good!  Make sure you bring a change of clothes if you’d like to play some Ultimate, or dig around in the Organic Garden.  Write a story with the Whitman Pioneer or get on the air with KWCW, our student-run radio station.  You can also see the varsity baseball and club rugby teams in action.    Oh, and lunch is on us!

We do hope you’ll take the time out of your busy lives to experience life at Whitman!


One response to “You’re Invited!

  1. Transfer student here! Can’t wait to get the news–good or bad, I suppose. Wish I could visit on the 17th. Hope to hear how it went.

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