We’re on the Road!

It’s travel season for us in the admission office, which means that we might be visiting your high school! For some of you, this will be your first interaction with our staff and your first opportunity to ask questions.  We hope you will make the most of this time and have prepared some tips to help facilitate a meaningful discussion.

Step One: Are you visiting my town?

Check our website to see if we travel to your town.  This travel schedule is updated throughout the fall, so if your hometown is not listed now, that may change in the future. Check back throughout the fall for changes.

Step Two: Are you visiting my school?

• If you have been in contact with our office prior to our visit, we will mail you a visit schedule for your state. If you have not been in contact with us, please be sure to check with your college or career center to see when Whitman might be visiting. Your counselor should have a list of colleges that will be making trips to your school and the times and days representatives will be on campus.

Step Three: How do I prepare for your visit?

• Do some research on our website so that you know what follow up questions you have about the application process, majors, campus life, or Whitman, in general.
• Many schools require students to officially sign up to attend college representative presentation visits. If your school does operate under that policy, make sure that you sign up ahead of time so that we know to expect you.
• Some of you will be missing class in order to attend our presentations. If you need to be excused, be sure to attain permission from your teacher beforehand.

Step Four: What should I expect from your visit?

• Visit presentations vary by college, but Whitman’s presentation includes general information about the college, as well as a question and answer session at the end. During a visit, you will also be able to sign up to receive further information from Whitman College relating to specific areas of interest.

Step Five: What do I do after you visit?

• If you are a senior, think about interviewing. Whitman offers a number of interviews on the road if you cannot make it to campus
• If you liked what you heard in the presentation and want to learn more, a great next step is to visit campus . Many students find that seeing the place in person helps them to better picture themselves as Whitman students.

While this step-by-step list is by no means exhaustive, I hope that this outline of what to expect from college visits is helpful to you as you begin to learn more about Whitman College.


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