Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

Why Whitman?

One of the officer staffs’ favorite parts of the application to read is the “Why Whitman” piece of the Whitman supplement. To provide you with inspiration as you ponder your response, we’ve asked our senior interns to look back and rewrite their “Why Whitman” essays four years later. We’ll be posting them here throughout the fall.

First up is Ruby Glaser, a psychology major/education minor from Weston, CT:

Choosing a college was far from an easy decision for me. Restless nights, stressed days, and angst beyond the normal teenage level were the constants of my life the April of my senior year.  I was excited and passionate about my college search, ready to leave my small East Coast hometown and start a new adventure.  I knew I wanted a small, liberal arts college that mirrored the close-knit community of my high school. I visited nearly 25 schools, and while satisfied by my visits, I was never overly excited or enthused.  The campuses were all beautiful and home to more activities and classes than I would ever be able to experience. The thing that kept me from falling in love was the classroom experience. I had sat in on classes at every school I visited, and I found the environment to be intense and competitive, which was frustratingly the exact thing I was trying to get away from.

Then I came and visited Whitman – it was a breath of fresh air.  There was an aura of community and support; it was obvious the students were working together in a collaborative effort to learn together.  It was about the knowledge being gained, not about besting each other.  I felt like I could voice any idea that popped into my mind during discussion, approach the professor with the silliest questions, and brainstorm with my peers on any issue I was having.  This was the nurturing classroom environment that I was craving. This was the element that put Whitman over the edge for me. I was already sold on the gorgeous campus, amazing facilities, endless clubs and activities, and Northwest location, so all I needed was that incredible classroom experience to help me make the decision. Whitman was the place for me, it just took a while to see it.