Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

Why Whitman, Part II

Next up another senior intern, Chris Bendix, a philosophy major and captain of the swim team from Newcastle, WA, explains why he picked Whitman.

I chose to attend Whitman for three reasons: First, I knew that I wanted to go small.  I sat in on very large lecture class at a state school and it was, to be completely honest, really horrible.  I’m the type of person that asks questions constantly so I knew immediately that I would not be able to learn well in that type of environment.  Second, I wanted to get to know my professors.  College is a very rare chance not just to be surrounded by bright classmates but also by hundreds of people who are experts in their fields.  How often does the opportunity arise to be surrounded by that many ridiculously smart people?  To attend a college without having access to the faculty members would be like watching the first Lord of the Rings movie without any sound.  It would be pretty, and probably exciting, but it I would leave feeling like I’d missed something.  Sure I could see parts two and three in full (master’s degree and PhD) and still know what’s going on, but I would still feel like I got a little shortchanged on the first movie.  That was a rather long and tedious metaphor, I know, but hopefully it made sense.  Third, I didn’t want to be in an urban environment.  My brother graduated from Seattle University, which is literally in downtown Seattle.  That is not for me.  I’m a cyclist, a runner, and someone who generally likes to get outside easily, so living in the heart of a city for four years was not my idea of an ideal environment.

To recap, I came to Whitman because it was small, I’d get to interact with my professors and build relationships, and it was in a place where I could pursue my love of outdoor rec to the maximum extent away from the big city.  For me, it was as close to perfect a college as I could hope to find.