Welcome, Whitman Class of 2016!

That’s right, folks–the day has come! Today a new set of Whitties from around the country and globe traveled to Walla Walla, WA and moved into the residence halls that will serve as their homes for the next year. There’s nothing more fulfilling for us here at the Office of Admission than seeing the bright, motivated collection of students that we got to know over the past year arrive. And what a week our brand new Whitties have in store for them! Tonight, over 400 students will storm Ankeny Field for a variety of activities and games. Tomorrow, first years will join all classes in Cordiner Hall for convocation. On Saturday, our new Whitties will register for classes and on Monday, first years will have a chance to listen to “Voices of Whitman,” a student panel that has become a special tradition in recent years. These are only a few of the exciting activities that the class of 2016 has coming their way this week!

To the newest class of Whitman students: the Admission staff joins the Whitman community in welcoming you and looking forward to the wonderful additions you will make to Whitman.


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