Summer Thoughts

Summertime in Walla Walla is hard to beat. Flowers bloom, the Farmers Market buzzes, nights are warm, and the lush, green wheat fields ripple lazily in the sunshine. But campus is quiet. The Class of 2013 graduated last Sunday and thus ends another academic year at Whitman. Those of us in the Admission Office cheered loudly for our beloved seniors; we laughed and hugged, ate strawberries, and stood on the periphery as families celebrated a truly momentous day. Within hours of the ceremony ending, chairs were stacked, plates cleared, goodbyes said, and silence pervaded.

Summer is a time of reflection in our office. Our students leave us, the hub bub of campus fades, and we focus our efforts on preparing for a new year that will most certainly be different from the last. The loss of our seniors is tempered by our excitement at the thought of newly minted Whitties walking onto campus in late August, yet our thoughts are also full of plans for fall travel and impending interviews of the next group of prospective students heading our way. It’s all “part of the cycle,” as we say in the Admission world. So if you’ll be a new undergraduate this fall, if you’re an anxious junior entering the college application process, or if you’re a very recent college grad headed into the working world, try to enjoy your life at this very moment. There simply won’t be another time like it.


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