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Fall in Walla Walla…

…a mixture of golden leaves, crisp blue sky, bike rides and running on the trails.  As the weather gets darker, I pass the climbing wall lit up at night. I can’t believe we have 110 students in climbing classes this fall plus a waitlist. I climbed the wall for the first time on Sunday. The new facility is amazing(and addictive, I’m heading back tonight.)

Autumn means fresh cider, running through the haunted corn maze with friends and perusing the farmer’s market for squash to bake and pumpkins to carve. It’s apple pie making, the annual harvest hoe down and all the vineyards frantically working crush to bring the harvest in before the first frost. Lacrosse, ultimate and rugby dominate Ankeny field while the Whitman cycling team gets 20 miles in before dark. Ranger and the Rearrangers played at Coffeehouse last week, always a hit for those who love gypsy jazz.

This weekend, the annual haunted hospital in North Hall is back. Friday night is the “Nightmare on Boyer Avenue” dance and some of our students are competing in a cyclocross competition on a farm just outside of town. Oh yeah, and one can’t help but think about the Zombie flash mob in downtown Walla Walla a few weeks ago….Human’s vs. Zombies is very popular on campus, make sure you  carry your Nerf weapons and socks!

Musings on Application Reading

Musings on reading your college applications…I always feel honored
that I have the opportunity to read the personal stories that students
share in their applications.  I get glimpses of the beauty of humanity.
Stories of hope, joys, the tiny moments that make life real, the
life-changing experiences. Everyday I find myself laughing aloud or
tearing up over the words in these essays.

The art of story telling is a valuable one. We all have stories to
share, that help communicate who we are by how we react to an
experience, how we perceive it, and what we learn from it.

What happens to my application once I click submit?

When your application is submitted online, it is stored on the Common  Application website. Our support staff download it from the Common  Application website and process it so that we get all your information  in our system. When all your items are received (either online or by  paper) then we will send you a complete letter confirming this. Once  your application is complete then the admission officers read your  application and make an admission decision.