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When Juniors Visit Campus

Top five questions for juniors to ask when visiting colleges

  1. “What type of student is successful at your college or university?”
  2. “What do your students do for fun?”
  3. “What other schools do students applying to your school typically consider in their college search?”
  4. “What are the top five majors at your college or university?”
  5. “If you could change one thing about your college or university, what would that be?”

Questions to avoid asking while visiting colleges

  1. “Do you have a good program?”  It’s ok to ask an admission officer about a program you’re interested in, but do so in a more constructive fashion.  For example, “Do biology majors get time in the lab?” or “What is the focus of your psychology major?”
  2. “If my Mom went here do I automatically get in?”
  3. “Where are the parties on campus?”  It’s perfectly fine to ask about the social outlets on campus but consider how you phrase a question before asking it.
  4. “What is the lowest GPA I can have to get into your college or University?”  Instead of asking for the lowest GPA consider asking the average or median GPA of last year’s entering class.